December Then

a month of glittering anticipation.
Pic: my own


December then
born in *Ophiuchus launching a
fiery ship of broken yolk
 vainly slay the icicle
a drooping daffodil –
so prickly!

Silently convalescing
in convention’s claw
gathering fuel
for Winter’s cruel trimester

Clouds, faiths
pregnant with expectancy
artfully passing the baton
while youth’s woebegone passion
like the condemned budding leaf
haughtily fends off a
gentle hoar frost!

No bead-adorned prophet
peering in glass spheres
predicts this serpent’s fate
Hosanna in excelsis!
Nature in yule solstice!

As it should be
ever shall be



* The 13th zodiac sign…’Ophiuchus people …. are very special in bearing grudges’ apparently!



© Gothicman 2023
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An Interesting and informative poem, Trevor. I have read that Ophiuchus people are seekers of wisdom and knowledge. Also that the serpent associated with the 13th zodiac is symbolic of healing and the sign used to represent the medical profession.
I enjoyed it.
Best, Luigi.

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