A Guy with a Bonsai

…but without the magic touch.

Those who know me

know that I’m a guy

who loves small trees

and owns a bonsai.


To care for the plant

may be rather hard;

it might resemble

a gnarled pollard


if not pruned properly

or trimmed too much.

I don’t think I have

the magic touch.


Among the tools

needed for the job

there is a concave



supposed to produce

clean straight cuts

on the side of the trunk

but with it I’m a klutz.   *


Although I’m aware

I haven’t green fingers

the desire to be good

with plants still lingers.


I just have to hope

I don’t make a mess,

I’ll be very careful

and use the cutter less




© Luigi Pagano 2021


(Yiddish) a clumsy dolt




© ionicus 2023
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Hi Luigi, good to see someone has posted something. I wasn’t sure it still work. Probably others thought the same.
I give you a nomination for being the first.


Bravo Luigi! Bravo! A worthwhile nomination and A good start to get things rolling. I feel bad because I had a poem that I had prepared for being posted today. My sound is not sorted yet on my pc but I thought to do that later. Then I read it at 2 am and decided I had over-egged the custard so to speak as it was a very short poem (and should have stayed that way). So I put it into draft but hope to post two next posting day and hopefully recite them too. I have lots that could… Read more »

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Hi Luigi. Well, here we are again. Good to see you (so to speak). Liked the poem; short, truncated lines just like the bonsai. I’m a bonsai guy myself..got about 10 on the go at the moment. Wish they were as good as the one pictured. Cheers. Tony.


Hi, Luigi,
I wouldn’t trust myself with bonsai. Everything I plant withers. Just last week I found a garlic bulb with a tiny green shoot. I planted it in a makeshift pot and placed it on my windowsill. The shoot is now 4 inches long. Come the autumn I should have a whole bulb.
There is hope, mate. There is hope. 😉

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