Mending a chair

When life becomes too much for me, I like to work with my hands.



             Mending a chair


There is something that I like about wood.

Then, one morning the chair was there,

just perched precariously upon a pile

of rubble from our building work;

and where it came from I had no idea;

it’d just been left there – an old chair,

waiting to be taken away and crushed.

So, I brought it down for a closer look,

that I could better gauge its weight.


Lifting it told me at once it was oak,

well-weathered, as an outdoor chair;

and I could see that all that was missing

from its back was a vertical slat,

that I easily replaced from my store.

I took the time to sand by hand,

taking special care to preserve the grain.

Once smooth I applied a varnish,

to protect it from future wind and rain.


It’s redeemed now, in our garden,

and I’m content to be sitting in it,

my hands resting along the arms.

And I like to think it will outlast me;

and by my doing practical good,

I’ve preserved the life that’s still in its wood.


                                                  © 2021 D G Moody 







© Dodgem 2023
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This prose poem reminds me of my father and grandfather. Granddad was always fixing things and Dad loved to work in wood.
Thanks for that.


A good example: Both in the prose poem, and the war on waste. Well done, Dougie.

The chair looks good too. 🙂


this has great potential, yes it looks like it’s a prose poem but those are a bit different and I prefer calling them free verse poetry when the layout is like yours. this needs some trimming and honing and it will shine like a diamond. If I were you I’d start with this line Well-weathered, it was an outdoor chair, and do the following: Well-weathered, an outdoor chair, and I could see all that was missing; a vertical slat for its back, replaced from my wood store, a piece that’d fit. There is something I like about wood; an old… Read more »

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thank you too Dougie, sometimes a gentlemanly reply like yours to a sensitive comment containing edit suggestions during a dry period of the person commenting helps psychologically. I tend especially when I have zero or just one poem to show to look at other poems the way I look at mine.

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