The Lane Between Two Roads

A favourite later poem, being an honest descriptive writing from the experience of actually being there and remembering the different impressions awoken, including from local news items at the time. Pic.: is of Cox’s Walk   Walking Cox’s Walk, Dulwich, in 2009, enduring haunt from childhood, largely untouched since the last steam locomotive thundered through in 1954. Sadly, as for

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Image:  Gomathi Mohan Intro: As one sits in the icy waters, watching the mighty Ganges, gurgling and splashing, flowing and bending for miles on end, a poem takes shape.  A TIMELESS ESCAPADE Flowing, coalescing, glissading from a cascade, Directing centuries of trade, Lifeline on which civilizations operate; A liquid testimony that’s seen innumerable seasons pass by, From freezing ice to

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