Tulips from Amsterdam

Botanical works of art.

I have many tulips in my garden

that I regard with pride and joy.
One of them looks very much like
a specimen called “the Viceroy”
With purplish veins on its petals
this variety has now been lost
but in the Netherlands, in 1637,
it was sold at an enormous cost.
Three to four thousand guilders
were asked for it at one stage,
a staggering sum that represented
ten times a skilled worker’s wage.
“The Semper Augustus” species
was similarly in great demand;
it was at the centre of tulip mania
being the most expensive brand.
Today’s prices are more modest,
they don’t reach those high peaks
and there is a greater opportunity
to easily acquire what one seeks.
The impressive Rembrandt tulip
(Rem’s Favorite is its other name)
is a work of art with white petals
painted with deep wine flames.
These multicoloured perennials,
like “Cairo” or “Orange Dutch”,
are both striking and beautiful
and they needn’t cost too much.
I don’t make use of these flowers
for pecuniary gains or commerce
but to show my appreciation
and sing their praise with verse.
© Luigi Pagano 2021










© ionicus 2023
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Definitely high praise for a beautiful yet modest flower.


Tulips rival roses in my judgement. I have red and yellow ones in my garden that i treasure. Enjoyed the poem, Luigi.


I haven’t seen the large Dutch flower lorries recently – I wonder if they were full of tulips? Maybe now we have VR trucks, full of bitcoins? Anyway, an enjoyable piece.

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