Pity The Badger Baby

A sonnet-like poem about the forgotten victims of the Middle East wars where spent uranium shells were used on the battle-field – the media-silent horror of the uranium babies. The badger baby was born to agony with red eyes and black and white skin.


Pity The Badger Baby


From these foul creatures you desire release,
That thereby media dross shall hide your lies,
But as the reaper will by time decrease,
These ghastly sports shall fade from memory:
But you, contracted to thine arms supplies,
Feeds war depleted uranium fuel,
Making a horror where ordinance flies,
Mothers your foe, to their sweet wombs too cruel
Shall your vile art breech birth fresh armament
The shell case traitor to her conceiving,
Within bides hellfire’s deepest venom spent
Her tender child, shall thus warp gestating:
Pity the badger baby that cannot speak,
To foul the world’s eye, an innocent freak.



© mitch 2023
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Very sad,so cruel to inflict this on the innocent unborn. Hard hitting poem.


Disturbing and shocking, as befits the subject.


Wow! Very powerful poem.

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