Korviaaslax – Chapter Eighteen

Chapter Eighteen – Drop Point *        *        *         *       Kor adjusted the strap on her shoulder slung carry-all as she exited the Citadel lander-craft, K’Na, and set her spurred boots for the first time in many cycles to Earth’s crust.       “Heavy gees. Breathe evenly and steady on, Kor,” Pauline was ever the Sergeant and Kor smiled, feeling the

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Korviaaslax – Chapter Seventeen

  Chapter Seventeen – Citadel Speak *        *        *         *       He sat looking like the statue of The Thinker that Kor had seen in one of Pauline’s art books. For three hours she had tried to walk among his stars but he seemed map blind and stationary.       “Day three approaches and I miss my ship,” she said missing

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Korviaslaax – Chapter Sixteen

Chapter Sixteen – Tsua *        *        *         *     It was the job of the ship’s psychiatrist to keep the crew sane during long months of traversing between the stars. Tsua continued wielding her wares.     “Lie down and close your eyes,” Tsua told Shiro Sanya, the nine years old Casmirian child. Her tan skin glowed in the muted light

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