Fly Me to the Moon

Renewing old acquaintances.

I heard that my friend Carlo
now resides on the moon.
I hope to go and visit him
as early as May or June.
I have to send an e-mail
to Richard Branson, Esquire
telling him a first-class seat
is one that I really require
on his inaugural moon flight.
I hope the journey is smooth
but if there is turbulence
a glass of bubbly will soothe.
My mate hails from Rome
and has the fantastic idea
to be a gastronomy pioneer
and to open a lunar pizzeria.
High up in the atmosphere
I’ll be truly on cloud nine
and know that his excitement
will be greater than mine.
I will hear his booming voice
yelling, “Welcome, avanti.” **
and celebrate the occasion
with a bottle of vintage Chianti.
© Luigi Pagano 2021
** come in! in Italian

© ionicus 2023
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Luigi, i love the idea of a “lunar pizzeria” and look forward to an invite to the opening!


Can I have pepperoni on mine?


Despite the fanciful, and humorous nature of this, Luigi, I couldn’t help myself for questioning how on earth (moon) Carlo is going to grow his tomatoes before Branson’s inaugural flight? That was, of course, until I went bonkers with it and realised that he might have been watching too much Nigella and her monnblushed tomatoes (whilst quaffing his ‘Tuscan Moon’. Hic. 🙂

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