A Nose For Poetry

Cyrano – a play by the Essex Drama Group
               Rehearsals day 1: character interpretation


“O Cyrano!”
The words he recites
in such beautiful poetry
capture and enthrall my heart,
sound as music
to the ear, oh,
he knows
he knows,
he knows
I refuse to accept his nos!
Though I love him,
why does he not appear?
Moving further
under the balcony
he thought yes,
she wants me to say “yes”.
I know,
she knows
I love her
in spite of my nos.
But, if I said yes,
would she offer compassion
if my love I would confess?
God knows
I’ll need it, when
she knows
my nose
my nos!
I will appear and say “yes!”
“Cor blimey!”


© Gothicman 2023
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