Rapunzel and the Lockdown

Thankful for small mercies

Rapunzel, whose origin
was Germanic (not Hellenic)
was thankful for measures
taken during the pandemic.
She was locked in a room
of a walled tall tower
owned by a sorceress
with magic power.
The edifice had no doors
and neither it had stairs,
just a single window;
a sad state of affairs.
The only way for her
to meet her lover
was to dangle her tresses
down the wall of the tower
so that he could use them
like a silken rope
to climb and rescue her
and eventually elope.
The sorceress had shorn
the poor girl’s hair
to thwart their escape
and that was unfair.
But the wicked witch
wasn’t to know
that during lockdown
the hair would regrow
as restrictions applied
and hairdressers shut
so no one was able
to have a haircut.
Time (and hair restorer)
gave Rapunzel a new mane
and the two lovebirds
could meet once again.
© Luigi Pagano 2021




© ionicus 2023
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Luigi, do you have the name of the hair restorer? I could do with a dollop. Another topical verse flows from your pen. You are a true master of rhyme.

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