#1 – Back Again?

Here we go again folks!

I’m not going to lie but I had almost forgotten about this website. I take no pride in admitting that as it was always my go to website for about ten years from 2003. I’m sometimes sad at the passage of time and the changes that have had to happen here. I’m also sad about my experiences when I was around here a few years ago and thought the site might be dead or at least verging on requiring life support. I’m glad I was wrong, I’m glad it’s still here and you guys reading this are still here. I think it will always have a place in my heart. Of course, like so many people I miss the really old days when the site was completely different. But of course, progress and the way the internet has changed has meant that things inevitably have had to change.

This year I have spent a lot of time looking backwards at some of the good times and good things that have happened to me in my life. It’s been a tough year and a great year too. I think the last few years have been utterly crazy and worrying in many ways but of course life goes on and you have to shelve your fears because the bins need putting out and the shopping needs doing.

I wish someone had told me when I was a young man how busy life can seem to become as you get older and that everything that you want to achieve will fall by the wayside and you become trapped in a world of repetition.

Well, why am I here? Recently I have been looking back at the time that I have spent writing in my life and realising how much I love it and how much I miss it. It is a part of my being that has been severely neglected. These days there are far too many distractions, and it is simply easier to spend the few hours of free time I do have sat on my arse watching YouTube or Netflix. But I am making a promise to myself, something that I’m sure I will fail at but will try my best, to write again. I have thought about relaunching an old blog I had a number of years ago but after popping over here to UKA I think instead I will drop a journal post or two as I enjoyed doing occasionally here about eighteen years ago when I was a young man.

I guess time will tell as ever. I have tried several times over the last half a decade to reboot my writing and being active here and every time I have failed. But eventually I will succeed or I guess die trying.

Anyway, here I am again. I hope you are all keeping safe and well and here’s to the next journal post.

All my best, Jay.


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It’s wonderful to begin seeing so many wanderers return, I have tried to keep up with my submissions, but an inspiration short fall kept me away more frequently that I hoped. But we have jogged along, with a limp here and there. And now I see the welcome signs of life returning.


Good to see your return too, Jay! Having been simmering unattended for so long, it’ll take awhile for old members to look in to their long-running site, and new members to see how attractive it is for presenting their work, and hopefully interact with others in mutually useful exchanges, including simple acknowledgement and encouragement? Short story writers are very much needed too, to keep the balance, and spread the beauty of concise writing. The effort/reward ratio is always good for readers! I hope you can find some subjects to hook you in again, to ‘reboot’ you, autobiographical episodes during a… Read more »

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