Its just the standard nihilism and absurdism.

I dance within my dreams

I walk a road of tears.

The mist seeps deep

Into my bones, to keep

as desperation takes hold.


Seeking love

When all’s laid to waste.

Love will tear us apart.

Its been said, it takes hold

as all around is fear driven cold.


I saw two people copulate

Down an alley as I strolled.

A desperation i’d like to hold,

but the whiskey only allows

Glimpses in that cold!


My lost tears smear my mind

I can’t see now almost blind.

There’s no place for gossamer

In this unholy cold.

Just thoughts that love should take hold.


But love walks its own path

And I have no route.

Just hollow pain deep in the cold,

my mind sleeps as my eyes see all.

I can’t believe life, its distant and its old.


There is danger here on the boulevard.

The milk of human kindness

turns slowly sour as it lies waiting.

Faces are ugly with murder

in their eyes, blood looking out.


Surrounded by losers

misfits and boozers.

people with liars smiles painted,

spotted from a million miles.


There’s no freedom here.

The search is hard, impossible.

Best to stop and  freefall into the pain.

Let it carry you to the brimstone.

Lost, let the fires take hold.


As I wander lost in freefall

in this unholy cold.

There’s been one to many mornings

and the suns too far away

so take me to the brimstone.

A million miles away.

© Mentalelf 2023
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I really enjoyed reading this, loved the way it twisted and turned around itself. Some really lovely lines too.


I can feel the desperation and frustration that the character in this expresses. A splendid read, well written.


Hi Mental Elf
I get it. what you say about how you write poetry. It comes straight to the page. If you ever wanted to progress a bit we could talk about metre and rhyme because there is so much in this poem that could be a winner with a bit of attention.
However, I get you and I think it can be more important to encourage than stop the flow. You are the boss!
Merry Christmas
(and stay away from dark alleys) 😉
Alison x

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