A Paradise Not Yet Lost

just some thoughts while out early one morning: pic. my own
Fascinated by Nature’s diversity,
the colours and complexity of wildlife,
the bustling socialness of interwoven humanity,
people roam over the surface of the Earth,
even the moon,
sprinkling the crush of their footsteps
everywhere they go.

But not here,
here we’re blessed with a sparsely-populated
natural vastness, as yet, largely untouched by Man.


For here,
with very little observable
lower life, few people tread on
moss and pine needle, on deer track,
on lichened rock, on ancient terrain
dotted with lingon- and bilberry.

Here, in solitude and silence,
senses are sharpened in other ways,
by the subdued colours of a landscape
changing hue and alignment with every step.
For, beauty here, is in angles of uprights,
in horozontal contours, in delicate green
shapes, and silhouettes reflected in
the stillness of water and reed.

In this wild, clean immenseness,
you come here to make your own paths,
to merge in without feeling obtrusive,
to obtain the tranquility of that rare
subject-object ambiguity,
allowing you to just be,
and forget.


© Gothicman 2023
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