Brotherhood of Man

Tokyo Olympics: Russians face backlash from fellow competitors

I say, I say, I say,
have you heard
that July the 30th
was International Friendship Day?
Tell that to the marines.
Many do not know
what that word means.

Consider the stance
of those Olympians
competing in Tokyo
who look askance
at the Russian athletes
and exude a holier
than thou attitude.

They do not adhere
to the fraternity ethos
and have a single aim:
to tar them all
with the same brush.
They should not be here
they loudly exclaim.

No acclaim but rather
disapproval is shown.
The sins of the father
concept is well known;
guilty by association
is a valid expedient
to exclude that nation.


© Luigi Pagano 2021

© ionicus 2023
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Not sure I agree with all of the sentiments here (I actually dislike cheats) It often seems to me there is nothing so unsportsmanlike as sport itself. Especially professional sport.

Some say it brings out the best in people. Maybe, but it also brings out the worst.

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I didn’t misunderstand you Luigi Russian doping was carried out on an industrial scale. So it’s a question of trust and that is very much broken. You are right that the athletes should be more welcoming but their bad feelings is understandable It is a shame for the clean Russian athletes but perhaps they should have come out very strong against doping but I guess if they did they’d have problems when they went home. However as far as the Olympic coverage goes I with Dougie. Just an excuse for promoting nationalism it seems to me certainly Team GB and… Read more »


Yes, ‘wars without frontiers’ though that was in reference to another game. I have to admit that I can’t get excited by nations competing for ‘gold’, as the deranged commentator on our BBC keeps howling out of my radio….maybe I’m just an old grump?


The whole thing is a staged spectacle, and has more than this element of unsportmanlike behaviour IMHO. I admire the dedication of the participants, but feel they are to some extent being duped by the money-men again! (*puts on steel helmet in anticipation of incoming missiles*)


Shall we form the league of extraordinarily grumpy old gentlemen Allen?


I think we already have!


And membership is growing all the time!


I used to take exception at the word ‘old’ but I’ve grown into it – uncomfortably I might add.


As someone said to me once — you are only as old as the person you feel.

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