a fish out of water

my world had left me behind,
I was trying to write about
love, about sweet nothingness,
how I kissed her forehead, held
her in my arms and she, how she’d
bend from her waist upside down
totally prepared to fall, in time
we fell out of love and decided to
part ways, the signatures stabbed
the papers,
when I tried to write about what I
don’t have anymore, the poem,
with decrepit words, erring
metaphors, misplaced
modifiers suffocated me under
the ocean of choices; took me
in its arms,
flew me to the zenith
of an
infamous mountain of possibilities,
threw me
off the cliff,
I was all over the place,
neither swim,
nor fly throughout the
requiem of
being with the senescent
I missed the zing thing…

I could feel the smell of the words
bleeding through my knotty nerves.
I fell for love, dead, unheard, unread

© supratik 2023
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Glad to see you back on form; as always a thoughtful piece, one to reflect on


What a beautiful description of this state of being, Supratik. I really enjoyed reading this – even though I know it is fundamentally sad. But the style, wow! Thank you for sharing.



This is so strongly emotional it leapt off the page for me. Loved every line. Sue.


engaging and very much enjoyed, quite sad in many ways but your word choices keep everything fresh and interesting.

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