Winter Of Content (re-post of a challenge poem)

For the former partner with whom I lived these memories…

Photo: youngest son with his first box camera

Softest snowfall of the season: first
blanket cover for bare tree limbs, first
deep white heaps against the split-rail fence.
Outside, my son and tan-tail-up Teddy
with his perky ears and boundless doggy delight;
the zigzag lines of exuberant paw prints.
Inside, the wood fire warmth and smell
of fresh from the oven yellow crunch-crust cake, coffee.
The murmur of congenial voices, the feeling of content.

© belcanto 2023
critique and comments welcome.
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Verbless poem. Very clever. I guess it took a bit of deep thought to get it right. Lovely and warming like a fluffy duvet (comforter?).


A delight, thanks Bel; I liked the yellow crust cake.


Lovely poem, reminded me of home with a snowy garden and mum dad and I eating hot buttered toast made with a toasting fork over the fire. Beautifully written. Sue. X

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