The last love note from Paris

Part 2 of The Trojan Chronicles: imagining what Paris was thinking of saying to Helen as he lay fatally wounded. Part of a set of poems exploring Troy and the Trojan War


My fate gifted love,

I watch you sleeping,

aging with every breath,

hard lines deepening

upon the map of your face,

rivers, tear filled, mourning a lost youth,

and I, who have drunk from that cursed source,

would bend to kiss,

remind that we are joined,

but I cannot,

the poisoned arrow in my side

bleaching, turning my blood into water.


My life fades, sucked into the sky,

filling the horizon with broken glass,

all that we have shared, now shattered

beneath the heeled Greeks at our gates.


I’m stolen, falling away from you,

just as the pernicious gods had planned,

your unfaithful slopes already tilting west

as I am lead into the middling space,

haunted by the un-suckled milk

curdled within your withered breasts.


I’m sorry I could not hold you,

My hands strung to another’s will.

© Bhi 2023
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He should have saved his breath, she was a scheming woman who couldn’t have cared less. Soon after he died she married his brother Deiphobus, betrayed him to her previous husband Menelaus with whom she was happily reunited.


She, a narcissist for sure.
I like the way you have ‘narrated’ this.


Hmmm I thought Paris was gay 🙂


Just my little Paree joke.
I know next to nothing about Greek and Roman mythology
Leaves me cold to be honest
Give me Tolkien’s version of science fiction any day 😉

read this more than a couple of times, so I am going to add an astronomical comment List of Jupiter trojans (Greek camp) I guess the war is not over and if there’s a trojan falling from the sky that means only one thing The beginning of an Odyssey. so such a mythology is not fairy tales really, at least Greek or Indian mythology they are not. And not only there are african tribes and native american tribes and basically it is common knowledge in the ancient world something may one day be not right out there and then… Read more »


This is good. I’ve been holding back on any comment, instead, coming back to read it again, and to read it aloud (sorry dear wife). It is, I feel, a most worthy addition to the Trojan Wars, and their aftermath. I’m looking forward to reading more – thanks Bhi.

And…Tolkien is not science fiction naughty Guaj! He’s more Norse mythological if I can say such a thing.


This seems very much in tune with the ancient tale. Trojan War, straight-up coupling of lust and military action, remains a verdant source of inspiration. Believe i’ll like your series way better than the Brad Pitt movie.

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