Let’s Dance


She had smiled at him.
Here was his chance
to be bold and ask her
if she wanted to dance.
She had spotted him
with a sly glance;
he’d been hesitating
but began to advance.
The music started,
the lights dimmed down,
on her forehead
there was a big frown.
The beat she heard
was much too quick,
her head was spinning,
she was feeling sick.
In front of her stood
the boy she admired;
would you do me the honour?
he politely enquired.
Embarrassed, she said
I’d rather not,
I can do a slow waltz
but not the fox-trot.
© Luigi Pagano 2021

© ionicus 2023
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Delightful rhyming fun with courting behavior and personal dilemma, Luigi. I can relate!


This reminds me of a place called The Court School of Dancing
I could never get my head around the foxtrot
I, pretty much all the blokes, just went for the girls, but they never taught us how to get over our shyness 🙁

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