Blind Date

Expect the unexpected.

It’s nigh impossible
to prognosticate
what can happen
on a blind date.
You may be Gretel
waiting for Hans
then find his gender
is described as trans.
You are broad-minded
and do not mind
to mix with someone
of the third kind.
Conversation is easy
between two gals
who could become
the best of pals.
© Luigi Pagano 2021

© ionicus 2023
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I say live and let live. It all adds to the spice of life and boy we could do with that right now.

I must say you are on rich vein of writing at the moment and all presented with your usual meticulously high standards.


I agree with Bhi on this, Luigi. The spice of life indeed, and well exposed here with an apparent open heart and mind.


This one struck a chord. During the week we received a WhatsApp from friends, whose son is now trans gendering. We went around for coffee yesterday, and it was clear that she was so much more at ease.

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