Food of Love

A meagre diet.

I am very fond of the culinary arts
with great scope for excellent food
that is both nutritious and good
to satisfy and gladden our hearts.
Yet sometimes the name of a dish
is the source of considerable pain.
take for instance quiche Lorraine
reminiscent of a girl who was swish
and might have realised my wish
for true love and companionship.
I embarked on an ardent courtship
but she proved to be a cold fish.
I was left high and dry, in the lurch.
She completely changed her plans
soon after we published the banns
and never turned up at the church.
Whenever i order a crepe Suzette
other sad memories come to light;
I will always remember the fight
that left Sue distraught and upset.
She left me after that on the quiet
without even saying a goodbye
and immediately found a new guy
who doesn’t give a damn about diet.
© Luigi Pagano 2021

© ionicus 2023
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I enjoyed the personalisation of the dish names, and the interweaving of little stories, Luigi.


I’m just glad that you’re not partial to Toad in the Hole Luigi! But yes, an elegant word play.

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