Waiting for a Bus

You wait and wait and are at the end of your tether
waiting hours for a bus, then three come together.
It was just like that as regards the Covid vaccine:
not one but a trio appeared on the world’s scene.
Others are being developed and there’ll be more;
we are told that it is a lifeline that we can’t ignore
and because we value our health we shall comply
so that the chance of survival will for sure multiply
After having been immunized with one of those
I waited twelve weeks to receive a second dose.
There is nothing to worry, you may feel a prick
but the injection is unlikely to make anyone sick.
To those who are undecided I would like to ask:
isn’t it about time we got rid of that mask?
© Luigi Pagano 2021

© ionicus 2023
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I’m not Luigi, notwithstanding advice to the contrary; I’d rather be safe, than contradictory!



But I thought it was to keep others protected. Have they been lying to me?


This is such a controversial subject. Why? Probably because of the way politicians present both the information and the ‘advice’. Another thing that has to be said on the subject is that (as if we none of ever knew) there are some powerful influences ‘out there’ whose entire objective is to frustrate and mislead. Which brings me back to that question again: Why?
These days the animal rights people would have a go about trying to keep your pet safe in 1918

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