Aurora’s Long Sleep

Sleeping beauty: the truth.

The prince asked Aurora,
with a smile and a wink,
“Will you allow me
to buy you a drink?”

She informed him
she would accept gladly
never suspecting
it might end badly.

Thinking of the cocktail
she’d drunk and liked
she now wondered
if it had been spiked.

She’d been far too long
in the land of Nod;
it was very worrying
and certainly odd.

Quite normal for her
to sleep like a log,
a nice rest followed
by a morning jog.

At night she would be
in the arms of Morpheus
but today she woke up
embraced by Amadeus.

She was being kissed
by his ardent lips
with his hands stroking
her curvaceous hips.

Having at first trusted
the handsome prince,
what he was doing
made her wince.

She asked him to stop,
but it wasn’t any use:
it wasn’t enough
to stop the abuse.

What happened later
was unprecedented;
she was asked to prove
she hadn’t consented



© Luigi Pagano 2021








© ionicus 2023
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Luigi! Mozart – date rape! No, surely not, he may have been a sot, but he wouldn’t have disgraced his muse by inflicting abuse! Anyway a very clever poem, but with a dark message.



I’m shocked! And I thought the king was such a gentleman. But yes, fairy tales were often carrying a dark message.

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