the indomitable

right in the middle
of howling and wailing,
bloodshed at night
I looked up in the sky
adorned with the stars
a fairytale
the moon looked like
an outdated silver coin
whose head or tail
I couldn’t figure,
it appeared nude,
I wasn’t distracted
I was counting the stars
the sun, a burnt toast
came up
a spoilsport
I closed my eyes,
and continued 

© supratik 2023
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Needs a good deal of contemplation, I think, supratik. It is a bit of a riddle to me, but my mind is a bit mix muddled at the moment.


The moon like an outdated silver coin, and the sun like burnt toast! Excellent imagery; and as always supratik your poem gives pause to ponder. If there is any ambiguity, it may be the first three lines – I’m not sure how they fit in.

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