Don’t bother trying to understand me

I’ve been trying my whole life

I’m complex and complicated

I am stupid and I’m sharper than a knife.


Save your breath and all your questions

For I really haven’t got a clue

Why the life I‘ve led is as it is

And why it is that I do what I do.


Perhaps it’s in my blueprint

Or maybe it’s my DNA

Because some things you cannot plan for

They just turn out that way.


I’ve known good times, I’ve known sad times

And all that lies betwixt and in between

I’ve done things that I am proud of

And I’ve seen things no boy should see.


So don’t waste time trying to understand me

Please just accept me as I am

As I don’t have all the answers

And I have no long term plan.


I’m not a role model, saint or hero

I’m just an ordinary man

And all I’ve ever tried to be

Is the best me that I can.

© marvo 2023
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A really great statement, Marvo. To be the best you can is a marvellous intention. It is my belief that intention is what Life is all about. You express it well here.


A good honest statement; and aren’t we all in there as well? Thanks Marvo.

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