Not an ordinary number.

Now and then I listen

to Ravel’s Bolero,

and think of Bo Derek

in the film “10”.


The seduction strategy

by George was shambolic

and the number ‘ten’

now seems symbolic.


It denotes the place

where the occupier

makes judgments

like a new Solomon


notwithstanding the fact

an arch-critic believes

he’s unfit to do so

being a useless moron.


The public opinion

is steadily growing

that he doesn’t know

if he’s coming or going.


But we must take note

that by hook or by crook,

the popular vote

has left him off the hook.




© Luigi Pagano 2021

© ionicus 2023
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it’s an interesting poem and 10 times better without any weird comments, so I retracted mine. 🙂

Last edited 1 year ago by ifyouplease

It is an interesting concept: That relationship between a seduction scene and the perceived shambolic state of the resident of a certain house known by the number! The words tell that you have a pretty clear opinion of that personage, and you must be admired not just for these words but for your tact! I fear I would have found that reserve difficult to maintain! Bravo!


Nice one Luigi. I liked the interplay between the film and the other 10; in fact I’m imagining Bojo in the part played by Dud – he would have been a natural!

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