This moment

pause and reflect on this moment – the beauty of…….


In the midst of aspen, beech, and birch,

The Earth softened by the night rain,

God’s tears frozen on every leaf,

The morning light curved and recurved

Through the droplets heavy at the tips,

Trees intense, crowns bent,

And the birds awed into quietness,

 I am stilled in wonder –

The dogs, wondering, looking up at me –

At the beauty of the greenscape,

The subtle shades of silence

That permeate this moment,

And I  desire for nothing more

Than to be a witness to this each day.

© Bhi 2023
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Good to see you back B
Curiously enough I experienced a very similar feeling this morning by the river taking the dog for hee morning ablutions
There were a lot of storms yesterday and everything was wet from heavy rain
Like you the birds were totally silent and the dog seemed to be in a sombre mood.

It was very beautiful but I don’t think I could have expressed it in such a sensitive way as you have done

the word frozen perhaps it can be replaced with another, why allude to winter? dew that froze? the fact you used God in this poem somehow estranges the reader, as if saying “ok sorry does everything around me have always something to do with a god? why can’t I see dew or frozen dew as just a natural phenomenon to be witnessed by me? why consider even the humblest thing as a potentially mystical experience? Do I need it to appreciate any moment?” I don’t know maybe it’s just me, but I prefer the poem without any God references. A… Read more »


Like Guaj this brought back our own early morning walk here; though we had rain, we still felt the full-blown ripeness of summer – as a dry-lander, this country never ceases to astound me; you have captured it for me – thanks B.



Ah, yes! I know those moments very well. Exceptionally described, my friend.

I also experience this in bright sunshine around my somewhat isolated home, when the World is silent and the blueness of the sky contrasts exquisitely with the green of foliage… My God taps me on the shoulder and says, ‘How dare you complain!’

I hope you are recovering well.



That is good news! Bless the daughters. 🙂
Thank you, yes, keeping safe and out of harms way. I wish the same for you and yours.

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