No escape

I closed my eyes
to escape the
horrific realities;
in my dreams,
there was this man
violating his daughter,
cutting his wife
into pieces;

I jumped out of my bed,
didn’t dare to drink,
thought the water in
the glass could be red;

The next morning,
I drowned myself
in stories that
painted conceit,
horror, defeat;
I shut down all of
them to open mine;
I could neither
read, nor breathe.

On and off the bed,
I knew I had to live
until I was dead.

I could nevertheless
sense a garden
somewhere, hanging
golden and silver fruits,
I screeched to myself,
‘do I have to die to
reach there’
since there was silence
I cried as though I replied,
‘it’s so unfair, so unfair,
if I hadn’t really seen
a splash of pristine
respite, how’d I imagine
it anywhere, it’s unfair,
it’s so unfair.’

© supratik 2023
UKA Editor's Pick!
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yes. you say a lot here and try to express this horrendous feeling of the unbearable inescapability of being without the help of Death.


Phew! powerful stuff friend – and congrats for the pick.



Such a quality of perception, Supratik. The realisation is humbling.

(Today, someone questioned in conversation with me, where were we before birth, and where will we be after life? In a way, your poem invites the question where would we be without death. Is this situation unfair, or will we come to understand that it is divinely wise… the ultimate purpose of opposites… for there exists this desire for absolute perfection and absolute unconditional love within us. Something, I think, we could spend so much time deliberating.)


PS: Congrats on the Pick, Supratik. 🙂

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