Uncorking the Muse

That’s the spirit.

I want to compose, said Dante,,
a comedy they’ll find divine.
I’d better summon the Muse
with a bottle, or two, of fine wine
A Barolo, or vintage Chianti,
is normally an adequate ruse.
I shall write about heaven and hell
and the purgatory one must endure
if deprived of Hock or Moselle
from the vines of the Rhine and the Ruhr.
To imbibe is the perfect excuse
for a poet who wants to gain fame.
Creativity is heightened by booze
and liquor’s the name of the game.
I’ll create great work, perhaps;
I will drink to that with my friends,
who are a bunch of nice chaps,
and end with a glass of schnapps.
© Luigi Pagano

© ionicus 2023
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read it yesterday, was Dante a heavy drinker? I wondered if he wasn’t a drinker at all then there’s something else about this poem that gives it some kind of veracity a truthfullness and


I saw the categories and understood the spirit is Luigian humor which is often surreal,

but I wondered if you know a detail I don’t. And I also thought maybe Luigi is saying something much deeper here (I am almost sure that you do mainly because of the title’s word choice)


Yep – its seems all the great writers are drunks – would Dylan Thomas have been better sober?


Ive heard “Old Janx Spirit” is best …


In vino veritas!
Dante summoned his muse?
But wouldn’t Beatrice
be not amused?

As always Luigi a delight.



The breakdown in the rhymes as you progress through to the end of the third verse is a brilliant piece of writing and exquisite timing to go with the imbibing.

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