The fun loving chameleon.


I knew a woman akin to a chameleon.

Not in a hiding way, that slow moving, or a wicked tongue way

More, a never the need to change things, or prey way

More of a blending in, and reassuring way

Always giving it colour, the fun way

She could adapt, and give what was apt, and people liked that.

She could change moods  with us young dudes, removing moody blues, while singing tunes

She could be anything I wanted, would side with me, never to be unwanted

It was my Mums way…


© kjs68 2023
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I liked this, it spoke to me; and my only critique would be – maybe some punctuation? (yes he’s at it again folks!). And, should it read ‘people liked that’ in line six? But such minor quibbles aside – an enjoyable poem.



I forgot to add – the ending makes it for me.

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