Locked down for five years, it is a lonely existence. Everything is delivered. Hospitals are Game Centres. The Master says we must stay indoors and play the game.  


My parcel’s due in five minutes. My excitement mounting, I wonder will I be a chosen one this time?


The airlock warning blasts: I open the door, pick up the parcel, tear away the green sterilised skin and, my hands shaking, remove the lid of the small red box………..


I am in a Game Centre bed. I am a chosen one!  Butterflies flutter in my stomach I’m so excited to be chosen.

Game administrator #869 says,”I’m giving you ‘XE33’, it’ll make you experience an orgasm while the viral test takes place.”   He quickly penetrates my arm with the needle…….


I writhe in ecstasy as fingers caress my clitoris. My nipples tingle and throb. The Master’s penis takes me and my pleasure is so intense my legs begin to shake uncontrollably. Rapture travels up and down my body as he strokes in and out. I never want this to end………..


Take the body to the cremation chamber, and don’t forget to remove the vibrator this time, they’re expensive!

Another vaccine failure.


© griffonner 2023
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Wow, I had both jabs but never experienced this. Maybe I should try a third? Loved it.

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