My 1st sub.


We, the intoxicated on  information

Obsessed to share and like for attention

Yet soberly woke lacking  knowledge.


© kjs68 2023
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critique and comments welcome.
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this is great, a “seasonal” haiku with a great meaning affecting us all…who would have thought of this subject? Brilliant!


This is my first Haiku to read here; and I appreciate that it is demanding form to write. That said, I’ve re-read it to where I’m finding its meaning. Oddly, on the first few readings I read woke in the cultural meaning, but now I’m not sure if this is intended as a play on words; and I’d like to know if it is.



Thanks Kevin…..and glad to have your name (kjs68 seems a bit impersonal). I’ve also read Guaj’s comment, and its confirmed that the Haiku – whether traditional or modern is way out of my league, in as far as composing one. But I appreciated your Haiku, and it does unfurl with further reading and consideration. And yes we are in the age of iron, where someone can be famous for being famous; and I fear we are heading toward the Brave New World prophesied by Huxley.

Best wishes……Dougie


This piece prompted me to read up on modern haiku. I confess when I read this (very poignant and well written) piece I thought, this ain’t haiku. I was aware the Americans were taking liberties with the syllable count and content, but when I read up about modern haiku I was pretty f*****g amazed at how these deviations have been justified by “academics” and how far it has spread within the Arabic writing form world. 5-7-5 is almost taboo now unless you write in Japanese and subject matter is no longer just about the beauty of nature. Now I wouldn’t… Read more »

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