I need you in my dreams


I need you in my dreams
more so as when awake
underneath shimmering moonbeams
just before daybreak,
when stars still assemble
in droves from the night sky
and the little owl’s cry
makes the trees tremble.

Then my dusky heart
is fluttering and my feelings
open their moth wings
searching for you in silence.
I become the dream
you are dreaming
and when you will to wake
I will be your wish.


© Yutka 2023
UKA Editor's Pick!
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I get this, Yutka. A nice concept. The creation of the idea that the last two lines make, is especially valued. Lovely.



Beautiful and one that I can totally relate to too. Not now but in the past.
There is a yearning and a supernatural feeling to it.
When our defences are down in the still of the night… when the world of the day retreats and the other world comes into focus.
As one of my spiritual mentors told me many years ago now. “Alison, there is no distance in spirit” One of the wisest and most memorable things I was ever taught.
Alison x


The last four lines are so beautiful. I loved the images and the hues associated with the poem. A well deserved nib.


As always a delight: in language, imagery, idea; together forming a perfect balance ‘feelings as moth wings’ just ……..so!

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