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Sing me your own unique music
and play me the sounds
of silence,
that silence that must be deserved:
repetitive notes of intensity
in all the spheres
of being and becoming.

Change consciousness through
the inner nature of acoustics
unheard of.
Seduce my mind with your harmonies,
and I will be yours.
Easily I succumb to you
entering into the immanence
of your sound,
the touch of your spirit.
Seek out my soul just by listening
and I will be yours

© Yutka 2021
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I don’t know your song, but I certainly am moved by the melody. There is a richness here that I don’t quite understand entirely… but not sure that matters.
I enjoyed it very much.

A song of love to be sure. 🙂

To me this is a poem that speaks about transcendence into the finer realms of being.
There there is a connection that cannot be attained in the purely physical.
Alison x

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