No one knows

Death is on the rise,
the world, a cemetery.

Countless lives succumb
to the terror, unable to breathe,
without any hearse,
bodies burnt, buried. 

The outfit has suddenly
become white, for the
dead and the alive. 

Leaders cheering the
helpless healthcare workers. 

Little hope to efface the virus
from the face of the earth,
the black fungus adding to
the loss of life, vaccines
generating revenue from
the locker of the hearth. 

TV channels earning their TRPs,
eyeballs glued to the blue horror,
addicted to the scores of the
game, to the useless conspiracy
theories, and to many other
stories; the naysayers, writing
their lines in the debris
of hopelessness. 

The imperceptible Tsunami
is on, the nature is intact,
it had taken the village
by the storm. 

The new normal is
that the world is on fire,
forests are not burning.

Caregivers, nurses, doctors,
the only harbingers of hope,
the silent workers. 

Innocents dying, while
disparate parts of the globe,
thinking in their boxes,
unable to counter the challenge,
they’re counting the footfalls,
blaming, and counting. 

Families breaking into tears,
the crematorium grounds
lost in the pyre. 

How did it originate,
what is the remedy,
whose wars are we
fighting, which act of 
the play’s going on, no
one knows, neither the
martyrs, nor the players
or those selfless

heroines and heroes. 

© supratik 2023
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Powerful lines supratik. In the U.K. there is a growing complacency; ignoring the rising tide around us. The only solution appears to be mass inoculation world wide, but where are the vaccines coming from?


I think my comment ‘where are are the vaccines coming from?’ may have been misconstrued. All I meant was: how can we get vaccines to those who need them. But then, the topic has moved on to a broader – more philosophical plane; all well and good, but I’ and Mrs Dodge are just glad we have been vaccinated, and want the same for everyone else. Nuff said.


When I saw the millions attending the Ganges festival, and that after the mass political rallies, I became very worried, and now for good reason. It seems that the people were both let down by the government, and succumbed to a fatalistic mind set; but that is how it looks from this side. Having visited India twice – albeit a long time ago, I found it to be one of my favourite cultures; and I gradually came to appreciate the way of life. But now? I just can’t understand how, having the worlds largest manufacturer of Covid vaccines, there was… Read more »


Thanks friend, and at least I have had the experience of travelling in India – all over; and while it changed my life I was not always a guest who behaved in a proper manner (another story there). My gut feeling is that India is as much an idea as a country, and as such will outlast all of us notwithstanding its myriad problems. There is something immutable, in the land and in the people; to me it was truly like being in a different world. And I found great kindness and friendship in my time there. Yes, the corruption… Read more »


The well of your creativity is overflowing this week. I, too, wonder whether this is just an act in a longer play to slowly and surely assert total control of the populace.


no conspiracy theory is useless, but some must not be taken into consideration for more than a day. if you don’t watch the news at all and wonder how did it originate you will inadvertently be led to your own conspiracy theory, or the lack of any answer.

an honest and caring write, thanks for sharing

Agreed. What use is there in wasting energy on finding the origin? Better to use that energy in fostering the ways to defeat what is now in our reality. Unfortunately(?) our reality has also fostered things like the social media, and the ‘system’ retaliates with ‘confusion marketing’ (which includes downright lies) till we get to the point of bewilderment. The important thing is our intuition. When we are bewildered we should not react like rabbits in the headlights. Take one common conundrum and suppose for one moment that everyone refuses a vaccination, what will be the result? Will it be… Read more »

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Wow! Yes! Supratik, this is the state of play indeed. Well described.
I think many of us are seeing the reality of the situation, yet, regrettably, I think we are not a majority. The minority are blasted by the hurricane of misinformation and ignorance. That is why it is important for writers such as yourself to put forward the scene in black and white.

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