This I and this “I”

On the theme of hunger: two perspectives on I and “I” : (a recycled poem)


This I dined last night at Nobu

Tonight it’s Zuma (just before Harrods on the right).

Thin paps full of nothing

A rounded belly distends from this “I”.


This I started with a Dawhinnie

Saying “A Chateau Lafitte, ’68, for later?”

Dust and drought have dried the throat of this “I”.


This I sucks on a cigar, orders cappuccino

And comments on the chocolate pudding:

“Call the police. This should be illegal!”

The chill night comes curling its noose, chokes

            the breath of this “I”.


This I and this “I”?

This I is


this “I” was.


© PilgermannBM 2023
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I agree with Luigi; the line – “This I and this “I”?” – is redundant. Otherwise a succint observation of the disparities,

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