a couple of small verses

my sense organs,
a disoriented cattle,
grazing; a clumsy 
shepherd with a broken
flute, I watch helplessly

yoga means to connect
with who I am,
it also disconnects
me from nature

the sun – 
clouds cover,
slowly they go
away, I discover
the absence of
relationship between
the sun and the clouds,

the moon –
playing with the fish
in a dancing pond;
there is no link between
the moon, the pond,
the fish, and the breeze,

actions lie in the images,
day and night

© supratik 2023
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lovely images, who would wish to disconnect from the joy they give. sue.


nature is temporarily available forever
spirit is momentarily available forever
the body has enough wisdom to understand both
the soul has enough wisdom to borrow their experiences without self-interest and all of the above can potentially distract our awareness from what we are without their qualities.

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