A Milestone

A special anniversary.

Fifty-five years
of wedded bliss
is not something
we can dismiss
as a trivial occasion.
It is a milestone
that a couple, normally,
don’t celebrate alone.
They would invite
friends and relations
to join them
in the celebrations.
They’d congregate
with their retinue
in a posh restaurant,
or an other venue.
There would be plenty
of eating and drinking
but with fewer calories
for those who are slimming.
Lively music a certainty
and with it dances,
with young lovers
exchanging glances.
But in these days
of test and trace,
we must soldier on
and show a brace face.
We have to put up
and dancing and singing
are nothing more
than wishful thinking.
We are adaptable
and must be resigned
to the inconvenience
of being confined.
No celebrations
for Darby and Joan,
just a glass of wine
and a juicy T-Bone.
© Luigi Pagano 2021

© ionicus 2023
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Luigi, first it seems congratulations are required: Fifty-five years! This year is our forty-ninth, and we well know the feelings, thoughts, and emotions that you have so ably put into words in this poem. We have consoled ourselves with the positives of us having so far survived the pandemic, our good fortune to be where we are (in the countryside) et cetera. People have been speaking about ‘getting back to normal’ as a post-Covid objective: I am personally not too sure that’s what I would want, nor do I think it will happen because so much has been changed by… Read more »


Congratulations Luigi; we’ve only just celebrated our 25th; though its the second time around for us both. Um…..thought….imagining overtaking previous spouses!!

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