the white-washed name

hey dudes,
no matter what you say,
what you do, your feeling
lies hidden in the words
you choose to use;

you painted the building
white to lay bare your
ruthless supremacy, and yet
you thought you could so simply
white-wash the truth;
is it really that quiet and easy,
the polarised you can hardly hide
behind the talkative democracy;

the colorful flowers,
the poppies and the pansies
also adorn your garden,
they too enrich your heaven
but painting the walls thus
you left them all at once
permanently out, as those
unfortunate poor cousins

words matter, names matter
because they reveal to the world
what you really think, delve
deep my friends, you’d rather
find the gap, the missing link  


Influenced by Abraham Lincoln

© supratik 2022
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Is it the White House? Whatever, a good reflection. But sadly, we now live in the age where our so-called leaders can fool us all of the time.


Thanks. You’ll know that the ‘White House’ got its name from being torched by the British in one of their wars with the new USA; so they painted it white to hide the damage! Um…whitened sepulchre? I’ve given up giving my views on politics to my wife as it makes her depressed. The ancient Chinese had a worthy tradition, where the wise sage, disenchanted with the world, would retire to his hut in forest and sit watching the beans grow. But that begs the questions: do I have a conceit to be such a sage? And wouldn’t that be coping… Read more »

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