The Light Stays Off.



Life’s joy walked in softly, secretly:

gifted me contentment, light shone 

in all things.


For so short a time.


It stole you away knocked me

down, left me to crawl on the

floor of darkness


deaf to the song of life, imprisoned,

held by the arms of the lost.


A glimmer, a chink of light bleeds in,

a false friend skilled in trickery or

the song of a Siren to dash me

against the rocks?


Fear takes my hand, whispered 

warnings haunt me.

And I say


The light stays off.


© sweetwater 2023
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I’ve just come to this – been out off site for a week; so yes, I found it spoke directly to me. A lot of the poems posted are not in my style (whatever that is!!), and I’m appreciating the differences.


Bless! Understandable attitude to the circumstances. Nicely phrased, and nicely told – even if it was not a nice place to be.

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