Hey, dude

Hey, dude just hold my hand,
please don’t leave me behind,
without you, the stage is unkind,
I don’t find a ground to stand;
right under the stars,
hey dude, I feel so blind.

Without you,
I can’t move on, o babe,
tell me, where’d I go so wrong,
help me understand, but please
don’t leave my hand;
without you,
there’s no reason to live,
in the truest things
I fail to believe,
the dawn, the twilight,
the dewdrops, the raindrops,
the rainbow, the horizon,
the sun, and the shadow
playing hide and seek on the
comforting meadow
don’t mean a thing to me,
not anymore, the moonlit night
seems grey, a meaningless hollow
speech, Abba’s ‘nothing special,
a bit of a bore’. I can’t walk
without you,
might it sound
mushy but
that’s so true.

There were those warm nights
that stayed with us ever so bright,
in the dark, my eyes could clearly
see you smile, everywhere,
in delightful moans, forever
so agile you were, we listened
to the music and danced
along, we loved Beatles,
the ‘Hey, Jude’ song,
Carpenters, ‘the top of the world’,
we adored the lyrics of Engelbert,
or Lady Gaga’s ‘bad romance’.

My heaven was beating so right,
my garden bloomed in delight;
then all of a sudden you went
away, left a goodbye note in
a half-hearted way, tell me
how’d I lose your precious hand,
help me understand, what should
I do now, hey dude, please
help me understand.

It’s so hard to live alone,
doomed and forlorn, I feel
so heavy, immobile as a stone,
I see the memories living in
my space, staring at me
without grace, I embrace
your soft clothes I’d so
lovingly undress, all your
things tell me a thousand
stories, a myriad dreams of
countless reveries.

Hey, dude, please come back
to me, you are my love, my
destiny, without you, I don’t 
want dignity, my useless sanity,
you are my dream, my reality,
you are my freedom, my liberty,
hey, dude, just come back to me.

Hey, dude just hold my hand,
please don’t leave me behind,
without you the stage is unkind,
I don’t find a ground to stand.

© supratik 2023
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Love this, you have captured the words I wrote in my own poem on here but filled them out and made so much more of them. Great write I felt every word. sue.

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