Five Micro-Poems

A selection of five of my short poems.


My skull cracks open,

painfully, wet and gooey,

a condor emerges.


Paradox #1

Real life is based

on a true story.


Riddle #1

If black widow spiders

were given beautiful wings

would they become butterflies?


And They Said I Ain’t Romantic

You are the Pepto Bismol

that relieves my existential nausea.



Woman, I’ve already left

but you still believe I could never leave.

Just as on the dreamy isle of Bali the people

refuse to admit the revered but persecuted miniature tigers

that roared magic into their lush hills are gone forever.


“So What World am I Supposed to Live in?”

Taking her to school, out of the blue, my daughter says,

“You’re only happy because you live in your own world.”

© ChairmanWow 2023
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Oh my, what a lot to ponder. Kids come out with the most amazing things.
Being described as an antacid is not particularly romantic but at least it’s soothing. 😉
Alison x

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