Mountains to climb.

We are in awe of the mountaineers
who reached the top of the K2
and we express our admiration
for their adventurous derring-do.
Cheers and applause are reserved
for astronauts who go into space
to explore the universe knowing
there are obstacles they may face.
But all endeavours and activities,
even the ones that are mundane,
may encounter unforeseen hurdles
that are the source of great strain.
Fairly recently the world sustained
a quite severe and sudden knock.
Slow recovery from a pandemic
seems to be the. stumbling block
to human life being able to return
to anything resembling normality,
without regulations and restrictions
and the resumption of hospitality.
© Luigi Pagano 2021

© ionicus 2023
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And will we still be the same, I wonder? Is it just another hurdle, or have we forgotten how to leap?



Luigi, a polished piece as always, I am asking myself what normality is and whether we want to go back to what we had.


Yes, Luigi, there are going to be mountains to climb for millions one way or another. Stay at home , save the NHS.…yes, while untold masses die alone, prematurely or from fear of taking up time. The avalanche of mental health problems which will reach down generations. Ruined businesses.
It is too awful to contemplate.

It’s the ordinary people, battling silent wars, who suffer as the politicians line their pockets and their cronies’ too.
You are always spot on
Alison x

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