The Muse

I was working on another piece when this sort of came to me; so I quickly wrote it down; and with minor changes I’m submitting it. And I still haven’t finished the other poem.

(Revised 15.06.2021)



                          The  Muse


                She comes to me in the night,

                stooping down beside my bed;

               to whisper softly in my ear,

               a rhyme so sweet and neat,

               a delight – perfect and meet:

               that I will, when I’m awake,

               copy down for all to hear;

               but then – sleep interferes.

               Sadly, when morning comes,

               she has departed, and I cannot

               find again that timeless face;

               it’s gone –  like melted snow,

               and all that’s left is sorrow.       


                                                            © D G Moody

© Dodgem 2023
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I know how it is to be visited by the Muse like this, the feeling is different though, it’s disappointment, but I soon forget it too, all I need is a word to still linger and I may or may never write anything based on that word.

thanks for sharing.

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It happens to all of us, I’m afraid Douugle. Some people suggest you ought to keep a pen and notebook by your bedside in case the Muse comes calling during the night.



I was not sure about this line; it just seemed a bit odd – but that may be my grasp of English.

  a delight – perfect and meet;


What a distraction! We experience it off and on. Please continue with the other poem, don’t worry for there are other nights too. Wonderful lines.


Hi Dougie, Again the rhythm throws me a bit. I read every poem out loud and it soon shows where it falters a bit.
When she comes to me there is a feeling of warmth, being in the flow and being more a scribe. I wish she would come back! .
Many times I have to read the poem back to see what it was all about or why certain words were chosen.
The pic is perfect.
Alison x

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