This Side of Armageddon



      This side of Armageddon - Stormwolf


One day soon, the clocks will stop
but we shall go on, regardless.
Forging new beginnings and
sharing restless dreams.

I walk by the river often,
where nobody goes alone
and whisper your name to the wind.
For I have to share
what makes my heart glad.

I shall be there by evening
breathless, just in time
to catch the golden fire
of the sun going down
for the very last time
and hear the distant owl
in the neighbouring trees.

So all is well…

Sing me a song
and I will hold your gaze
and your hand to my face.
We’ll share some fine wine
and good verse.

I will lie in your arms
and kiss you into
The Rapture

~ © Alison Stormwolf ~


© stormwolf 2023
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A very noble way to move from this to the other side of armageddon.


very nice, emotional and courageous message here, a steadfast resolution.



So great to hear you reading this lovely piece you wrote. What we take for granted until someone or circumstances tries to end it for us. The way your poem faces it is what I would chose.


This is such an evocative and beautifully written poem, Alison. Oh, the rapture, the rapture, the rapture! Deserving of the nib, I feel.
Allen x


Oh yes… I’ve never been driven to pen anything this beautiful, ma dear. It is you at your absolute best; gently shaped by Khayyam, if I’m not mistaken. I would also have nibbled this, though I do intend to secrete it amongst my favourites…
Jim x

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