Monaco 1978.


Kicked In The Side.


I was kicked in the side

By a man with a smile.

His uniform and pistol

Gave him away.


A policeman

No name needed.

Just a boot and a smile.

More a grin!


Accented French.

“No sleeping here”

On a soft warm beach,

In Monaco.


Surrounded by the 

Filthy rich,

And yachts by the mile.

Limos and porches.


A railway Europass

and about fifty quid.

kipping on the beach

With the rest of the skint.


A visa for emergency


Diamonds and ostentation.

And campsites three times the cost.


Me and two temporary companeros.

Irish lads with cheap rucksacks

Cheap as mine.

Drinking beers as the rich flew by.


Kicked awake its time to leave

Housing estate bank accounts

In big casino country!

Time to leave.


A farewell beer with the Irish

fellow itinerants.

Heading to Rome in a zig zag

Rag tag fashion.


Monaco via Montpellier and Marseille.

Had a shave at Pau

Outside in the sun

With a old man and razor blade.


So train time again

Genoa for the Italian air.

Not a lot of flair.

Piazza de Ferrari.


Seven popes

And Marco Polo.

But a lost place

A confused mix.


And Columbuses house.

Too industrial to stay.

But loads of dogs

All astray.







© Mentalelf 2023
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Loved it. Simple lines telling a story of the separation of the rich from the poor. The different ways such experience a place. Who is to say who is more fortunate? Ihave always thought extreme wealth removes one away from real experience into the world of fake everything. A walk down memory lane. The ‘kickers’ only on a pittance wage no doubt but uniform of any kind so often alters the way a person sees themselves. Something like the police in riot armour barging into ordinary people making a valid point in our major cities as I write….but I digress.… Read more »


Great flowing lines. Perhaps we’ll get to hear about your Scandinavian adventures in due time!


A winner! We’ve all been there in our own way 🙂


Hi Mentalelf. I really enjoyed this. It is almost a parable.

So many things more worthy of memories than a kick in the ribs. I like that. [Your comment below.]

But you do talk about the dichotomy that exists worldwide, and which is based primarily on greed and an inability to share. What makes people think that they have a right to be ‘better’ than others, eh!

Like you, I would never join their ‘crowd’ – or whatever is the collective noun for the extreme ‘haves’. It would never sit right with me, nor would they. 😉



The pandemic provided the opportunity to re-set our values – appreciate the worthwhile in life – care for one another… or ….

My kick in the ribs was under a mattress in an air raid shelter in Spitalfields – you had to be out before daylight…

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Nope – only remembered it from your comments – back in the 60s the boot and truncheon were the cops’ tools of choice – try begging!! you wouldn’t do it twice.


Youthful adventures on a shoestring. I would have called up Grace Kelly and got the cop sacked.

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