Christmas is Coming

Sometimes we forget the real message…

The pale, brittle blue Christmas Sky 

Flies against a purple sea,


Two bodies 

in the arch of heaven

stand above the day.

The rising sun, golden 

on cold, white snow.

The waning moon, 

Whispering platitudes

to pallid clouds.

There’s one more,

The unseen Morning Star, 

waxing bright tonight, 

guiding the Magi here.


I imagine the Redeemer 

come a second time.

The Christ,

from the glowing East, 

walking through orange dawn.

No print in snow 

to mark a stumbling path,

He grants benediction

with pierced, torn hands.

Moving on, he stoops

to touch a junkie

sporting torn trainers.

Your fellow man,

says the mendicant Messiah,

and I?

I stoop to offer kindness 

to his Servant,

and feel the wondrous

star-light on my back.







© franciman 2023
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A timely reminder of what life is, and should be about.


Yes, the Christmas message is magical. The poem encapsulates the role of the heavenly bodies in the story and they are very active at this moment, this 21st of Dec winter solstice will be like no other. ALL the planets are aligned as mankind stands at the precipice…
I scan the heavens with yearning for an end to the suffering being played out on humanity…
We have never needed to see those (invisible) footprints in the snow than we do now.

Merry Christmas for what it is worth.:-(

Alison x


chrism Christ, the kingdom of heavens is within you. three days each month the pineal gland secretes an oily subsstance that travels all the way down to the sacred bone and all the way back, you have to fast (avoid meat) and abstain from all sensual pleasures for three days, the three days are exclusive for each star sign, so there is star-light on your back (the oily substance of being christened) literally (when the moon is in the house of your zodiac sign – moon and sun [your star sign is defined by the sun]) you know why I… Read more »

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