B irthed L ike I S ee S alvation?

For ‘birthed’ read ‘written’ – for ‘I’ read ‘imagined’ – for ‘salvation’ read ‘home’ – the rest is nothing.

How do you see it, I wonder.













In the warm night light of love
Where the shadows are bright,
And the excellence of living
Is so brilliantly illuminated,
I bathe in smooth perfection,
And purr as in feline pleasure –
As my being is engulfed in love;
As my love is evangelised
By everything ever imagined.
This is the state of being
Dreamed in inferior notions;
Washed by emotional oceans;
Fulfilled by the word;
Borne by the healing tide;
Fed by breathing totality;
Felt as gossamer wings
Or feather-soft altostratus;
Viewed as atop Parnassus;
Seen by impossibility;
Divine in perpetuity.

© griffonner 2023
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