A View From the Top

Look through any window.

I live in a new house.
two-up, two-down,
on the periphery
of a market town.
The door knocker
is made of brass
and all the casements
have mullioned glass.
From the upper window
I can see distant hills
and a verdant meadow
full of daffodils.
I wonder if those jonquils
could be the same
that inspired Wordsworth
prompting him to claim
he’d seen a host of them,
and to say aloud
that he was wandering
as lonely as a cloud.
I see a flock of sheep
go through an open gate,
a spring lamb gambolling
with a playmate;
while a herd of cows
is laying down to rest.
I observe and witness
nature at its best.
© Luigi Pagano 2020

© ionicus 2023
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Ionicus – the never-ending well of little gems! Another gold star for your writing book, Luigi. 🙂


It’s the close observation of everyday details that make a good poem. Nicely done and just what i needed to read.

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