One from long ago. Don’t kmow when my muse may reappear.


“I’m sober,” he said, “and I love you.

Come home.”

And the pines on the mountain

danced with branches outspread

in a green ecstasy,

the birds sang Ode To Joy

and rebellious hope

flooded the sky and fields.


The forest flared

with green flames,

harps sang in every stream

and waterfalls thundered applause.


Homeward I sped

through Betws and Blaenau,

through Rhaedr reeling along

in a rusty old van

with wings on its wheels.


Over the Severn,

a fairytale drawbridge

hung from the heavens

on silver blue chains.


The motorway gleamed

 in the moonlight and rain

and the city lights

seemed like spun gold


as I sped to my home,

just a house in a terrace

but now promised land;

the doors opened wide

and there he stood waiting –

                           bottle in hand.


© Daffni 2023
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amazing poem! loved it


It is a sad tale, Daffni, but told so brilliantly.

Sad too is the fact that this is such a oft repeated tale – as is cheating.

If this was part of your life, Daff, my heart opens up to you with sympathy. I am able to say, “thank God…” about so many things that I am fortunate enough to have NOT experienced in my life, this is one of them.

Blessings and love, Allen x


Beautiful, Daffni. The old ones are always the best. I remember this from a poetry challenge when ‘golden eggs’ were awarded. I don’t know if it ever got one but I believe that is worthy of a nib.
Luigi x


You have now got a nib. Well merited. 🙂
Luigi x

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