We were in your mother’s kitchen

A family get together in Madrid, and my wife had an important announcement to make.

We were in your mother’s kitchen,

The noise of the TV distracting

From the sentence you wished to say,

When you said we’d thrown ours away,

And she amazed asked, how do you pass your time?


Your look telling me not to talk about our books –

She’s never been a reader, not even “¡Hola!” –  

Directed me to the paella pan instead,

Where we discussed the shrimp and the octopii,

The nuanced taste a subtle bite of orange brings.


A pinch of saffron, thyme and fresh black pepper

Added, she turned, said “Now it is complete,”

And as she served she looked across at you –

Behind us Julio crooning Begin the Beguine

“Amore, I can’t wait to be a grandmother.”

© Bhi 2023
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Bhi, if this is (as I suspect) a memory, aren’t such moments magical? Just as is your poem.
What a lovely memory to share with us, and (as with all good story telling) leaves us wanting to know more. (You just need to erase ‘Delete this text and enter your own’ – not mandatory of course. 🙂 )


I sat in a Catalonia hotel room for days – too hot outside – watching Spanish quiz shows – loud and entertaining insofar as I understood what was going on – and I didn’t much. I can imagine the kitchen scene – nice vivid description



I never grew tired of ‘concepción repetición‘ 🙂

Rick, I would never have guessed!

🙂 😉

Those were the days! (*Sighs*)


I was waiting for someone from the feminine side to remark in answer, “A Mother always knows!” 😉

my daughter was 6 months pregnant – I never noticed – a couple having a glass of vino asked me how it felt being a grandfather again? I called to my daughter ‘are you pregnant?’ not expecting her to say she was.
I guess a mother might know but a mere bloke?


Well we know how you were passing your time before that! 😉 A lovely poem full of life and happy chatter.
Thanks for sharing.
Alison x

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